UMC740-U_valley_W7824_irrigate machine gearbox motor↓

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Original brand products

  • Gear typeWorm gearbox
  • Shaft orientation90 degrees vertically
  • MaterialCast iron
  • product name
  • Product category
  • Input speed
  • Body material
  • Input style
  • Output style
  • Other
  • Shaft orientation
  • Gear type
  • Fixed way
  • Ratio
  • In Power
  • Out Torque
  • Other parameters
  • UMC740-U_valley_W7824_irrigate machine gearbox motor
  • Irrigation special gearbox
  • <1500r/min
  • Cast iron
  • solid shaft
  • Hub connecting flange
  • irrigate machine gearbox
  • 90 degrees vertically
  • Worm gearbox
  • flange
  • 50:1
  • 0.75HP~1.5HP
  • Standard
  • Can replace UMC, DURST, ZIMMATIC, Valley gearbox
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Product Details

Superior design: Three times the life of competitive gearboxes based on independent tests

Bull gear: 20% higher torque capacity based on independent tests

Longer output shaft: Increases mud and crop clearance, reducing chance of seal damage

Special offset rims: Positions tire close to gearbox to minimize bearing loads for longer life

Input and output bearings: American made and case hardened; Industry''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s highest load rating for longer life

Gearbox housing: More material in high-stress areas to handle extreme operating conditions

Bronze bull gear option: Provides additional load capabilities with hardened steel worm for extreme operating conditions or extended life under less severe conditions

Large-capacity rubber diaphragm: Expands with heat and pressure to minimize water condensation.

Input and output bearings: American made and case hardened to provide the highest quality and highest load rating available in the industry.

Worm gear: High-strength ductile iron provides significantly longer wear life than steel when combined with a cast iron bull gear.

Tooth design: Industry exclusive 25° tooth angle provides 40% longer life and better reliability in tough conditions compared to normal 14 1/2° tooth designs.

Largest bull gear neck and keyway: For strength in critical load-bearing area.

Expansion chamber: Cap made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminum; rubber diaphragm allows oil to expand and contract during operation. Vented cap prevents pressure buildup and prevents seals from leaking.

Threaded endcap: Allows accurate bearing preload to increase bearing life.

50:1 gear ratio: Fully recessed tooth design keeps oil between engaged gears.

Bull gear: High-strength cast iron provides the highest load capacity and longest life in the industry. Optional bronze gear is available for extreme conditions.

Multi-viscosity gearbox oil: Exceeds 85w140 GL5 oil for long gear wear under extreme load conditions.

Common doubts

  • 1.What is the size of the drawing, mm or inch?
  • Inches, the same size as other brands.
  • 2.Can I provide other parts of the central pivot irrigation machine?
  • We have all the parts of the irrigation machine, good quality and reasonable price.
  • 3.About the material of the product?
  • It is completely consistent with the materials used by well-known brands and can be purchased with confidence.
  • 4.We use the products of UMC brand. Can you replace it?
  • The appearance of the product is a little different, but the size and overall performance of the mounting holes are no different from UMC products. Gu
  • 5.Can I replace the reducer or central drive of Dester ZIMMATIC and Valley?
  • We offer a wide range of mounting holes for the same reducer or center drive, making it a perfect replacement for different brands.

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