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【Company News】Guomao: The scale of operation is leading in the field of domestic general-purpose reducers

From:liudriverelease time:2019-08-07

Panorama Network August 6th Guomao shares (603915) introduced on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Tuesday, Germany SEW company is one of the industry giants. Since entering the Chinese market in the 1990s, SEW and other foreign-funded enterprises have taken the lead in the industry with their technological advantages and brand effects.

The company pointed out that with the enhancement of technology research and development strength of local enterprises in China, the performance of reducer products has been rapidly improved, and the gap with international leading enterprises has gradually narrowed, and localization has been replaced. With the increasing product quality, high cost performance and timely after-sales service, the domestic large-scale reducer enterprises have continuously increased their market share. In the field of general-purpose reducers, the company''s operating scale has maintained a leading position among domestic companies.

Guomao is a benchmark professional manufacturing service enterprise in China''s general machinery industry minus gearbox industry.
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