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【Product News】How to prevent the oil leakage problem of nmrv reducer

From:liudriverelease time:2019-08-07

The nmrv reducer is referred to as an aluminum alloy worm gear reducer, which is mainly composed of a box body, a worm gear, a bearing and a shaft. The box is the base of all the accessories in the worm gear reducer. It is a fixed-shaft component. Both are made of non-ferrous metal for the worm gear. The worm is made of hard steel. Because it is a sliding friction drive, during operation, High heat is generated, which causes a difference in thermal expansion between the parts of the reducer and the seal, so that a gap is generated in each mating surface, and the oil becomes thinner due to an increase in temperature, which may easily cause leakage of the nmrv reducer. Oil problem.

Nmrv worm gear reducer
The oil leakage problem can also be caused by whether the box is deformed, whether the material is matched properly, the surface quality of the meshing friction surface, the ion of the lubricating oil, the amount of addition, etc., and it is directly visible whether the reducer has an abnormal problem, if it appears If the above problem occurs, it should be stopped in time to avoid increasing the damage and wear of the reducer.

Rv reducer with motor combination
And how can we prevent the leakage of the nmrv reducer? The following methods are used to first check the split surface of the box in time to ensure the quality of the assembly and reduce the problems that can be avoided. Secondly, the ventilating hood should not be too small. The simpler method of checking is to open the hood cover. After the speed reducer runs continuously for five minutes at high speed, touch the vents by hand and feel that the pressure difference is large, indicating that the hood is small, it should be changed. Large or raised hood. Thirdly, when using the original fittings and replacing the assembled output shafts in pairs, use anti-adhesive or red dan oil to protect the hollow shaft, prevent wear and rust, prevent the scale of the fit, open the oil drain plug, and take out the lubricant. And check the viscosity index of the lubricant to achieve the purpose of eliminating oil leakage and preventing oil leakage.
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