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【Company News】Shaanxi Steel Hangang: "Four Detection" Method of Reducer

From:liudriverelease time:2019-08-22

Although the reducer is a very common equipment on the rolling line, it plays a vital role. Any damage to the reducer will cause the rolling line to stop production. The working characteristics of the reducer are low speed, heavy load, large impact load, frequent impact times, and continuous operation. Since entering the month of May, the output has been increasing, and the rolling speed has increased, which has led to an increase in the rolling load, resulting in frequent failures in the bar line workshop reducer. From May to July, there have been 9 bearing reducers with bearing damage. The failure of the reducer often occurs suddenly, it is difficult to find in advance, the repair time is longer, the repair time of the flat rolling reducer is at least 3 hours, and the vertical rolling deceleration maneuver is more than 10 hours, which seriously affects the rolling line. Moreover, the hoisting process involves large hoisting operations and potential safety hazards on site. In order to prevent this passive situation from reappearing, the rolling mill bar line workshop makes full use of the system shutdown maintenance time in early August, and tailored the “four detection” method for the 2# bar line main rolling line reducer to detect the use of the online reducer. .

Bearing clearance detection

Reasonable bearing clearance can prolong the service life of the reducer; on the contrary, it will cause the reducer to become larger during operation, accelerate wear and reduce the service life of the reducer. On the morning of July 30, after the rolling line was shut down, Zhang Jinsheng, the fitter of the bar line workshop, led the fitter Huang Kai. On the main rolling line 1#—18#, the main reducer high-speed shaft bearing was measured one by one, and passed the 4-hour inspection and Measurement, found that 3 high-speed shaft bearing clearance 0.5mm, 9 reducer high-speed shaft bearings have been broken, 10 reducer high-speed shaft bearing clearance 0.42mm, 16 reducer high-speed shaft bearing clearance 0.46mm, these four speed reducer high speed The shaft bearing clearance is greater than the drawing requirements. Subsequently, it will be replaced immediately, and preventive measures will be taken to prevent damage after subsequent recovery and affect production.

Gear meshing and pitting detection

If the gear meshing is not good, the noise of the reducer will increase during the operation, and the vibration value will increase, which will aggravate the abnormal wear of the gear and affect the service life of the reducer. When the gear is running at a high speed for a long period of time, pitting corrosion such as peeling and spotting may occur on the contact surface of the tooth surface, resulting in poor gear meshing and other faults. Therefore, it is particularly important to detect the gear meshing and pitting of the long-running reducer. The fitters Yangke and Wu Wei used the downtime to check the gear meshing and pitting of the main rolling line 1#—18# reduction gears one by one. During the daily operation, one and three reducers with large noise were found to be inspected.

Lubrication pipeline inspection

We all know that lubricating oil plays a role in reducing friction, cooling and cleaning. The equipment is inseparable from lubrication, and lubrication plays an irreplaceable role in the operation of the equipment. When the fitter Yang Ke and Wu Wei checked the fuel injection situation of the lubrication points in the deceleration chassis during the inspection, it was found that 13 and 18 deceleration cases had small oil discharge in the body, and it was judged that the oil pipe was clogged, and then the compressed air was used to purge the oil pipe. Internal debris, dredge the pipeline to ensure that the lubricant is in place.

Vibration and temperature detection

During the daily production and operation of the reducer, the safety hazard of operation is not easy to distinguish. Only by measuring the temperature and vibration value to judge whether the reducer bearing is in good condition. During the test run on August 3, the bar line workshop fitter used the vibrometer and the temperature measuring gun to measure the vibration value and temperature of the 18 reducers of the main rolling line. Through data comparison, it was confirmed that all the bearings were intact.

During the maintenance period, the rolling mill solved the hidden dangers of the safety operation of 3, 9, 10, 16 and 4 sub-reducers in advance through the above four detection methods. Since the restoration of production on August 3, the main rolling line The gearbox has not failed, completely reversing the phenomenon of frequent damage of the main reducer in the bar line workshop, and providing a reliable equipment guarantee for the recent production.

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