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Original brand products

  • Gear typeWorm Screw Jack
  • Shaft orientationvertical Screw
  • MaterialStainless Steel
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  • Body material
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  • Stainless Steel Trapezoidal Screw Jacks from UNIMEC
  • Screw jacks
  • <1500r/min
  • Stainless Steel
  • solid shaft/flange
  • Screw
  • Stainless Steel Screw Jacks
  • vertical Screw
  • Worm Screw Jack
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Size204/Size306/Size407

Product Details

Stainless Steel Trapezoidal Screw Jacks

The use of stainless steel has had an exponential growth in the last years. New market demands, hygienic requirements in food industry and the applications in oxidizing environments require an higher and higher employment of stainless materials.

From the beginning UNIMEC has been able to supply its products in stainless steel for its customers. Anyway, realizing those components meant long manufacturing times. For the most requested products and sizes UNIMEC is now able to propose a complete series: the X series. This choice gives multiple advantages: on the one hand a shortening of the delivery times as the components are all available on stock, on the other hand the manufacturing allows to obtain quite interesting costs, because it starts from the row casted pieces.

The main feature of an AISI 316 steel is its high resistance to corrosion, above all in the sea and food environments, where AISI 304 seems to have some problems.

Screw jacks belonging to the X series are sizes 204, 306, 407, in all the construction models.The components made of stainless steel are casings, bushings, covers, motor flanges, spindles and all end fittings.

The only component which is manufactured in non stainless steel is the worm screw. In case the screw tangs are exposed to oxidizing agents it is possible, on demand, to protect them by means of the Niploy treatment which has been described at the end of the trapezoidal screw jacks chapter.

Common doubts

  • 1.How to choose screw jack
  • 1. Determine the weight bearing2. Determine the installation method3. Determine the length of the screw4. Determine the speed of movement5. Confirm ot
  • 2.How to match motors
  • According to your requirements, we the most suitable screw jack according to the most standard way, and can calculate the input power, match the most
  • 3.How to match couplings
  • After ing the product, we will provide the corresponding coupling through the transmission torque, shaft diameter, installation and so on. Common cros
  • 4.How to guarantee related services after the products are sold
  • The product warranty period is 24 months or 10,000 hours. On a global scale, we commission third parties for product maintenance and recycling. And th
  • 5.How can I get more product information?
  • You can manually download product size sheets in PDF, CAD, and JPG on this page, or find the Contact Us page in the navigation bar to find our custome
  • 6.Whether to support product customization
  • We support custom products and can provide processing drawings or send samples for us to process.
  • 7.Whether to support OEM processing
  • Support OEM processing, you can modify and customize the product, packaging, brand name and other information according to your requirements.

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